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Black hell - first part

Nero is the beginning of the trilogy.

Nero is the discovery of the invisible that lives hidden in the corners of Palestine.

Nero is the static space that changes and transforms in front of our eyes.

Nero is a drawing that becomes word and viceversa, water that becomes shape of a woman, sea that becomes wave.

A wave that pushed us to the depths and made us breathe in water, diving, through an underground language that finds life in black and seeks for light to re-discover itself.

Children’s world untold but revealed through words and drawings.

Nero is a moment of dual life, a  theatre first of all experienced upon one’s self, in a surreal atmosphere, above reality, and then in contact with the children of Jenin, a place where territory shows itself in all its strength.

Written and directed by Alessandro Taddei

With: Ahmed Maher Jamal, Ali Omer Frihat, Basem Omer Awad, Mohammad Waseem Aljaiuossi, Feker Taher Ateeq, Haya Ghazi Abufarha, Khalil Ghasan Habbalrih, Layth Abd Alkareem Shalamish, Mohammad Ra’ed Abukhalil, Naser Ra’ed Abukhalil, Omar Ahmed Shalamish, Qossay Roshdi Shaban, Rimah Mousa Ararawi, Mo'tasem Abukhalil

Workshop direction: Enrico Caravita e Alessandro Taddei
Lights: Valentina Venturi
Music: Alessandro Taddei

Photography: Virginia Paradinas, Roberto BerettaTranslation: Roberta Pasini
Cover show:Valentina Del Bianco
Admin: Giancarla Ravaioli

Produced by Ponte Radio 
With the support of Regione Emilia-Romagna, ETI – Ente Teatrale Italiano, Venice Biennale, the Italian consulate of Jerusalem, the Italian consulate of Amman


Black hell premiered on 11th June 2008 in Jenin (Palestine). Its European premiere took place on 1st March 2009 at Venice Biennale's theatre section. Repeat performances took place at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin (5th March 2009), Naples's Napoli Teatro Festival (11th September 2011) and across Palestine in September 2012 (Jenin's Freedom Theater, Sebastiya - Roman ruins, al-Ḫalīl (Hebron), Al Quds (Jerusalem).

The Venice Biennale  awarded Black hell (original title: Nero inferno) a special mention for best Italian show.

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