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Ponte Radio is an international theatre and music company which created and staged a number of productions from 2005 to 2017. Its productions were showcased at a number of festivals across Europe and the Middle East.

Ponte Radio has focused its artistic research on the movement of bodies on stage, the design of stage sets based on the use of color and light, the relationship between child and movement, and that between actor and dramaturgy.

In 2009 the theatre play Black hell - Nero Inferno written and directed by Alessandro Taddei was awarded critic's special mention for best show at the Venice Biennale Theatre Festival.


Arsenale Theatre of Venice
Rehearsal of Nero inferno
Biennale Theatre Festival - 2009

Who we are

The Ponte Radio project was created by Alessandro Taddei and Enrico Caravita in 2005, and has since been recognized at local, national and international level.

Ponte Radio was initially conceived as a theatre company. Over the years it has developed into an anthropological and artistic project. It has worked with a variety of artistic professionals, including musicians, actors, photographers, writers, journalists and architects. All of them were able to forge connections with contemporary society, by understanding its nuances and mobilizing towards a common goal.

Ponte Radio's artistic projects develop from local to global. The use of different art forms allow greater synergies among people. Here, anthropological research and art are developed in parallel as theatre and music themselves are conceived as tools to open up to the world. 

As per its design, Ponte Radio officially terminated in 2017 with the Immaginarium project and the Blu concert. Its work is publicly available and shareable in compliance with copyright and all other intellectual property rights.

Ponte Radio's 12 - year artistic, linguistic, theatrical and musical journey has led to the international project BABEL,  owned by Time Handlers Company.


Archive 2005-17

This first 'Ponte Radio' (meaning 'Radio Bridge') was broadcast in December 2005 in Italy simultaneously with the Branko Radicevic school in Serbia. Then, on 23rd June 2006 at the Kinoteka in Belgrade as part of the International Film Festival.

The Ponte Radio project continues in 2006/07 with its second project, Alice, which resulted in On the border - Through the mirror, a theatre show performed by 160 primary school children from Alfonsine and Tuzla (Bosnia-Erzegovina).

Ponte Radio's third project is developed between 2008 and 2011, Colors, which has led to the production of Trilogia quasi dantesca, a theatre play in three parts  performed by 44 children from Jenin (Palestine), Berlin (Germany), Alfonsine (Italy) and Tyre (Lebanon).

The fourth and last project by Ponte Radio is Immaginarium, developed between 2013 and 17, which resulted in the production of the theatre play Fin de la fin du monde and the publication of Opposite island, a tale written by two groups of Italian and Lebanese teenagers, respectively of Ravenna and Tyre.



Babel is an international project dedicated to the field of linguistics, theatre, music, dance and architecture, with particular attention to the digital and educational sector.
To date, the project written by Alessandro Taddei and Roberta Virgilio is undergoing experimentation in different countries of the world. Babel is now a project owned by Time Handlers Company

Blu concert

Photographic book
Trilogia quasi dantesca

D i s e p o n t i - A movie about Ponte Radio 

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