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Hotel Evropa Berlino 2009-06-02.jpg

HOTEL EUROPA, theatre-concert

Europe is a hotel. Each room its own state.
Each state a different story to tell.
Each story is different from the others.
Each fragment of life a piece of the picture, a colour chosen from many colours.
Chosen because its different.
Hotel Evropa is a hotel in Sarajevo.
With its rooms and their memories stuck to their walls.

Music composed and arranged by  Alessandro Taddei
Orchestrations directed by Luciano Titi

Vocals by Chiara Picotto
Actors: Enrico Caravita and Giovanni Belvisi
Cello by Giacomo Gaudenzi
Piano by Alessandro Taddei
Timpani and percussions by Stefano Calvano

Lyrics by Alessandro Taddei, Enrico Caravita, Giovanni Belvisi
Graphic Designer: Valentina Del Bianco

Production: Ponte Radio 

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