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Soundtrack of Trilogia quasi dantesca

Music composed by Alessandro Taddei and arranged by Luciano Titi.

The Divine Comedy becomes a metaphor of the landing place and the departure towards new routes, an image stolen from literature to remember that the spirit of the journey in the past, in the present and in the future is in the worlds that we still cannot hear.
In the Trilogia quasi Dantesca, Dante is a little girl who gets lost and wanders about without looking for the way home.

Trilogia quasi dantesca is a theatre play in three parts (Black hell, Red purgatory, White paradise) written by Alessandro Taddei who co-directed with Enrico Caravita. Performed by 40 Palestinian, Turkish-German, Italian and Lebanese youngsters. It's a journey from the depths of the earth to the sea. 

Written and directed by Alessandro Taddei

With Ahmed Maher Jamal, Ali Omer Frihat, Basem Omer Awad, Mohammad Waseem Aljaiuossi, Feker Taher Ateeq, Haya Ghazi Abufarha, Khalil Ghasan Habbalrih, Layth Abd Alkareem Shalamish, Mohammad Ra’ed Abukhalil, Naser Ra’ed Abukhalil, Omar Ahmed Shalamish, Qossay Roshdi Shaban, Rimah Mousa Ararawi, Motasem Abukhalil, Marco Pattuelli, Lorenzo Cavallini, Leonardo Ricciardi, Cihad Çevik, Giulia Marzocchi,  Lorenzo Beretta, Francesca Costa, Maren Marie Seidler, Diego Cavallini, Tommaso Costa, Margherita Ricciardi, Haidar Hassan, Abd Al-Aziz, Hadi Al-Mawla, Ahmad Sarries, Mohammed Sarries, Hassan Baydoun, Issa Ghabri, Ahmad Delbani, Rayan Stanbuly, Hussein Salman, Mohammad Sekmani, Ibrahim Omeis, Mohammad Kassir

Workshop direction: Enrico Caravita and Alessandro Taddei
Music & scenography: Alessandro Taddei
Lights: Giovanni Belvisi, Riccardo Clementi, Alessandro Taddei
Photography: Virginia Paradinas, Roberto Beretta

Production: Napoli Teatro Festival - Ponte Radio - Nuovo Teatro Nuovo
Thanks to: Marilisa and Carmela Salernitano, Pasquale e Giovanna, Mario, Renato, Salvo, Gaetano, Lello, Omar Suleiman, Isham, Daniele Barbieri, Clément Delage, Jules Ribis. Marianna Sepe, Roberto.

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