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White paradise Bianco paradiso lands on the coast of Lebanon.

Black hell and Red purgatory were the previous doors that opened from the depths of Palestine to the daily life of the West. Twenty-two young people from Tyre on an imaginary white sheet and three new keywords for the last door of the Trilogia quasi Dantesca, echo, body, air: perceive, see, start again.
White paradise is the echo and the living memory among the ancient ruins.
From a distance a déjà-vu takes shape then suddenly everything disappears. Wave eating wave driving wave coming to shore.
Wave eating wave driving wave coming to shore.
Wave eating wave driving wave coming ashore. A mantra. 

White paradise is the sea that allows us to leave for new routes and be reborn.

Written and directed by Alessandro Taddei

With: Haidar Hassan, Hadi Al-Mawla, Ahmad Sarries, Mohammed Sarries, Hassan Baydoun, Issa Ghabri, Ahmad Delbani, Rayan Stanbuly, Hussein Salman, Mohammad Sekmani, Ibrahim Omeis, Mohammad Kassir, Mohamad Dheini, Ghiwa Aoun, Ali Zaidan, Jad Suleiman, Ahmed Jamal, Tarek Saffieddine, Diana Al Roz, Rayan Istanbouly, Rawan Aoun, Doaa Awala.

Workshop direction: Enrico Caravita e Alessandro Taddei
Drawings: Gianluca Costantini, Virginia Paradinas, Lara Cerlienco
Video: Ali Beidoun
Music and scenography: Alessandro Taddei
Lights: Alessandro Taddei, Riccardo Clementi
Teachers: Fatme Hezzedine, Suza Al Sarris, Hoda Jaffal
Photography: Virginia Paradinas, Roberta Virgilio
Cover show: Valentina del Bianco

Translations: Clément Delage, Roberta Virgilio

Comms: Giulia Caporusso

Admin: Giancarla Ravaioli

Produced by Ponte Radio and Roberta Virgilio
with the support of Regione Emilia-Romagna and the Italian Institute of Culture in Beirut

White paradise premiered at  Archeological Park of Tyre (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and at Sunflower Theatre of Beirut on 11th and 12th of June 2010.

European premiere at Real Albergo dei poveri as part of Napoli Teatro Festival 2011 (Naples).

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