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Following on from Black hell, Trilogia quasi dantesca continues its journey towards the sea with Red purgatory/Rosso purgatorio.

Red purgatory makes partially visible the bodies of children through the use of a structured scenography: two cities, one large and one small neither of the two ideals. Halfway from the sea, children and the projection of their body in the shade are lost in the vortex of light and its colors.

Shadow, City, Street are the first three keywords that are born in this second part of Trilogy to draw the contours of the West. Two groups of children, one part born in Berlin from Turkish and German families, another born in Italy at Alfonsine, to recreate a human dimension in the urban context.

Red purgatory is a theater show written and directed by Alessandro Taddei

With: Achraf Farhat, Marco Pattuelli, Berna Alpbek, Julie Matthées, Can Kerim Aslan, Lorenzo Cavallini, Leonardo Ricciardi, Cihad Çevik, Giulia Marzocchi, Arsel Cem Ilhan, Lorenzo Beretta, Francesca Costa, Maren Marie Seidler, Helen Yılmaz Diego Cavallini, Tommaso Costa, Alp Kaan Kılıç, Margherita Ricciardi

Workshop direction: Enrico Caravita e Alessandro Taddei
Lights: Alessandro Taddei, Giovanni Belvisi
Head technician: Claudio Caravita
Teachers: Laura Mariani, Manuela Jaworski-Öztürk, Luciano Bertazzoni
Music: Luciano Titi
Photography: Roberto Beretta, Virginia Paradinas, Giovanni Belvisi, 
Cover show: Valentina del Bianco
Graphic: Barbara Echevarría
Translation: Denise Balazs, Steve Copper
Admin: Giancarla Ravaioli

Produced by Ponte Radio
With the support of Regione Emilia-Romagna and the Italian Institute of Culture of Berlin.

Red purgatory's European premiere took place on 11th June 2009 at Stadthaus im Boeklerpark Kreuzberg of Berlin, and its Italian premiere at the 8th edition of Festival dei diritti (Ferrara, 2009-2010). A repeat performance took place on 10th September 2011 in Naples as part of Napoli Teatro Festival.

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